FBI Foils Yet Another Planned Terrorist Attack…Of Their Own Creation

This isn't the first time the American government has fallen under scrutiny for its tactics when it comes to the war or terrorism. InfoWars.com reports:

The FBI is notorious for ferreting out potentially violent, disturbed and mentally ill people, encouraging them to participate in terrorist behavior, and providing them with money, weapons, and fake bombs.

In a similar case, the FBI in 2010 provided four men in New York with “inert bombs and Stinger missile tubes” and encouraged them to attack synagogues in the Bronx and fire missiles at military planes.

In 2015, the FBI gave a dud bomb to Harlem Suarez of Key West after the man posted comments about ISIS on Facebook. Suarez, who looked more like a wanna-be gang member than a devout Muslim, was manipulated by a “source cooperating with the FBI.” Suarez said he wanted to plant a bomb on a Florida beach during the Fourth of July.

Acting under FBI supervision, an unidentified informant arranged meetings with Cornell and discussed an attack on the U.S. capitol. The seasonally employed and reclusive Cornell was arrested after buying firearms and ammunition.

Boehner insisted Cornell represented a threat. “Our government does not spy on Americans unless there are Americans who are doing things that tip off our law enforcement officials to an imminent threat. It was our law enforcement officials and those programs that helped us stop this person before he committed a heinous crime in our Capitol,” he said

Many people would like to believe the government would not abuse its power over the public by creating wide-spread panic but the government has seen this as a tactic to end terrorism with the publics help. The 3 most legitimate threats against our citizens were stopped by the citizens and not the FBI. Perhaps the governments thought process is working in our favor but to what end? If the government keeps crying wolf, will the public stop coming to its aide? For more information and to see the full article, check out the YouTube video and infowars.com link below.

Source: Infowars





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