FBI Changes Story, Now Supports CIA Claim that Russia Intervened in US Election

FBI Changes Story, Now Supports CIA Claim that Russia Intervened in US Election

One thing that official Washington and its allies in the major media have a genius for is taking issues of concern and magnifying them way beyond what the evidence supports.  Copious amounts of confusion also fuel the debate as the thing takes on a life of its own.  Once the ball is rolling and has generated considerable momentum, their jobs are simply to keep it rolling and direct it to support their agenda.

So we see this illustrated magnificently with the turmoil over the alleged hacking by Russia of DNC and Clinton campaign servers to extract emails damaging to the candidate which could be dumped on the internet by third parties in an alleged effort to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Of course this is a possibility.  Trump has indicated that he is interested in improved relations with Russia.  (Not a bad thing, in and of itself, we would point out.)  Hillary also antagonized Mr. Putin by calling him a new “Hitler,” and characterizing his 2011 election as corrupt.  So, one could see where Mr. Putin might be expected to prefer working with Mr. Trump as opposed to Hillary.

But it is also true that leaders all over the world expressed anguish at the prospect of a Trump presidency, and we don't see allegations that they meddled in our election to help their candidate of choice.  Clearly nations in addition to Russia could have found techies who could have gotten the hacking work done had they wished to do so.

It's turning out that the confusion and official contradictions involving Russia's alleged hacking of Democratic email servers may actually overtake the purported seriousness of the issue.  As you'll see on page two.

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