FBI ‘Changes’ Rules Over Using Information From NSA Prism Program

FBI ‘Changes’ Rules Over Using Information From NSA Prism Program

Without much fanfare, the FBI has changed it’s rules regarding privacy when combing over data about Americans gathered by the government.

While the invasive surveillance program being carried out by the NSA is hardly news, few seem to realize that the agency shares the information it collects with the FBI. With just a simple request, the bureau could gain access to sensitive info about Americans without having to go through the hassle of warrants and due process.

Enough people must have known about this disturbing practice, however, for the FBI to announce new “minimization” rules on it’s utilizing data from the NSA’s Prism program. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Group in particular has been calling for such measures.

Thing of it is, we have no little to no idea how exactly the rules have changed because the FBI claims they are – wait for it – classified! For that matter, we don’t even know when they’re supposed to go into effect, because that information is also classified!

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