FBI Arrests Twelve Over 2014 Cliven Bundy Standoff, Including Trump Campaigner

FBI Arrests Twelve Over 2014 Cliven Bundy Standoff, Including Trump Campaigner

Barack Obama recently invited Black Lives Matter activists to the White House to discuss their “issues” and to congratulate them on being, as Obama stated, “better activists than he was at their age.” You will remember that this is the group that rioted for several days in the city of Ferguson, burned down several local businesses, and attacked anyone, including law enforcement, who attempted to come in and restore order. At least 17 businesses were looted and destroyed, more than a dozen cars burned, including several police cars, and at least 8 police officers were injured, with a monetary loss adding up to more than $26 million, with several of the burned out businesses never to return.

Somehow in the mind of Obama and his complicit justice department, that translates to a little community organizing and activism, hardly worth bothering about because, well, the participants have legitimate grievances, and so the appropriate response is to have them in to the White House to listen to their complaints! What in the world is wrong with our government?

Compare that with rancher rebellion that is taking place out west, where some hard working ranchers are simply trying to make a living against the onslaught of the federal government gobbling up more and more land and making it impossible for the ranchers to graze their cattle. The government planned a special event for the ranchers as well, and it was not a party with President Obama at the White House.

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