FBI Admits to “Secret Society” Linking Bureau to DOJ

For the three remaining people too stupid to pick-up on the obvious before a rock hits them in the face, the Mueller investigation is rigged and there is a secret society operating between the FBI and the DOJ working to further the objectives of the Deep State.

The recent text messages [and the peculiar lack there off on the date the Mueller investigation started – May 17th, 2017) speak of a secret society and their “insurance policy” perchance Donald John Trump should actually manage to win the Presidency.

As Rep John Ratcliffe (R -TX) shared after reviewing the latest batch of text messages released between FBI agent Peter Strzok and mistress Lisa Page, he believes there was a “secret society” of folks within the DOJ and FBI working against Trump.

The FBI claims to have “accidentally failed to preserve” 5 months of text messages sent back and forth between these two corrupt FBI employees. They are also the two individuals closely associated with aiding both the Clinton email and Russia collusion investigations. And gauging by the mere 50,000 texts the FBI preserved, this bureau no longer requires investigation before reaching their final predetermined conclusions.

It is almost as though they are taking marching orders.

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