Father of Orlando Shooter: Wife is “no longer here”

St. Lucia County sheriff deputies were at jihadist, Omar Mateen's home, on Wednesday.  They were in the house for a few minutes and then left, answering no questions from reporters.  Noor Salman, Omar's wife, who is now under investigation, has disappeared.

Seddique Mateen, who also has been giving media interviews from his Port St. Lucie home, asked reporters to leave the Fort Pierce house and said Noor Mateen was not inside. He alluded to other family members being there, but didn't say who was inside.

At a Fort Pierce home where members of the Mateen family were believed to have gathered inside, Seddique Mateen — father of the Orlando massacre shooter Omar Mateen — said Wednesday morning that Omar's wife Noor Salman was “no longer here” and that she was no longer in the area. He would not say where she had gone.

Seddique in the following interview says he does not know where his daughter-in-law is.

Source: The Sun Sentinel



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