Family of Attempted Bombing Suspect: FBI Completely Gave Our Schizophrenic Son the Means to Make this Happen

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has been in the business of LEGAL entrapment for many years, close to two decades, in fact.

The interesting chronology of how this legality came to exist begins with the 9/11 terror attack and the FBI expanding its ability to identify, infiltrate and coerce suspected terror criminals.  This was initially presented as the intelligence community’s answer to advanced training in order to combat the new jihad threat that really wasn’t quite understood immediately following the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

But this legal loophole for entrapment ended up becoming a crutch upon which the FBI depended on for its continued ability to gather important intelligence and data from around the world.  The FBI is indebted to this information for its success, but it is also addicted to the power that this intelligence grants to its recipient.

When the FBI officials realized the importance of this type of surveillance power, they lobbied the courts to grant them a permanent entrapment ability that had the sole purpose of the Bureau being perceived as constantly thwarting a threat from radical jihadists.  In fact, a whopping 94% of so-called terrorist plots had been “pre-arranged” by FBI agents through this entrapment.

This perception that we were under constant threat by these jihadists enabled the FBI to continue to collect massive amounts of data on Americans, foreign nationals, and even our own leaders.

When Jerry Drake Varnell was approached by an FBI agent, the Bureau was already aware of who this man was and how he may react to some cajoling by the agency.  How did they know?

According to Varnell’s family, a very detailed report of the family is said to have been collated through the help of an “informant.”  The Varnell family insists that, not only do they know who this informant is, they are also not on good terms with said informant.

They claim that this informant approached the FBI with specific information about their family and, particularly, Jerry, with the intention of suggesting that he may in fact be dangerous to society…a domestic terrorist.

As evidence of this, the family has frequently been discussing information regarding the case against Jerry.  In a recent public announcement, the Varnell family made an impassioned plea to everyone who was paying attention to the story:

“We as a family are extremely distraught about this situation with our son Jerry Drake Varnell, but what the public must understand is that he is a paranoid schizophrenic and is extremely susceptible to different types of ideology that normal people would deem immoral. Underneath his condition, he is a sweet-hearted person and we are extremely shocked that this event has happened. However, what truly has us flabbergasted is the fact that the FBI knew he was schizophrenic. The State of Oklahoma found him mentally incompetent and we, his parents have legal guardianship over him by the Court. These documents are sealed from the public, which is why no news media outlet has been able to obtain them. The FBI clearly knew that he was schizophrenic because they have gathered every ounce of information on him. Reading the criminal complaint against him has brought us great pause due to the numerous lies from the informant. We do not have an underground bunker! We built our home a few years ago and bought a storage container, as we use it for a storm shelter. We only recently pushed dirt up around it to make it safe. The building is used for storage and is NOT a bunker full of food and supplies, in fact the doors close from the outside. It has neither electricity nor anything that would make it habitable.

What the public should be looking at is the fact that the FBI gave our son the means to make this happen. He has no job, no money, no vehicle, and no driver’s license, due to the fact that he is schizophrenic and we; his parents do everything we can possible to keep him safe and functional. The mental health system has consistently failed us due to the lack of establishments and health care coverage for a person like him. He has attended college and just enrolled in welding school. His medications allow him to be somewhat functional but he will never be completely functional in life. His brain does not work like a normal person and never will due to the nature of his mental illness. He has suffered through countless serious full-blown schizophrenic delusional episodes and he has been put in numerous mental hospitals since he was 16 years old. The FBI came and picked him up from our home, they gave him a vehicle, gave him a fake bomb, and every means to make this happen none of which he had access to on his own. We know who their informant is and what the public should know is that he is that a drug-dealing criminal. On June 15, 2017, Jerry’s Father told the criminal informant “that he was not allowed back on our property and if he returned we would have him arrested for trespassing and drugs”.  Apparently, he continued to sneak onto our residence. The FBI paid him to continue this operation and I believe they have cleared his criminal record.

The FBI should have filed conspiracy on our son and had him committed to a mental institution. They should not have aided and abetted a paranoid schizophrenic to commit this act. There are many more facts that I will not make public that will support my son and the disturbing acts made by the FBI.

I realize that many will say my son could have found another person to commit this act. Yet, any person that has access to the materials and the state of mind necessary to bomb a building would not have any need for a schizophrenic who has no resources to contribute. Schizophrenics always have conspiracy theories and feels everyone is out to get them. They trust no one and there is no doubt in my mind that this informant began this hate against the government and my son followed along because others easily influence him. There is no person in his life that has even heard anything about hatred for the government and we have all been shocked by the event.

We ask all news media outlets to please respect our privacy. Do not fly helicopters over our home and stalk us at our gates for a story, we are trying our very best to comfort each other because this is a devastating loss for our family. We do not need to be bombarded by reporters who only want to omit important facts of this event. We understand the public wants to know how this could possibly happen. We simply ask them to look at the facts of the case and ask why the FBI made this happen. He is our son and he is a brother and loved one no matter what he has done. We have unconditional love for him, we are heart broken by this event and wish we had been made aware by the FBI, and we would have committed him into a mental institution for help.”


This practice really demonstrates only that the FBI, for as clever as it may seem when they “thwart” terror activity, is very good at public relations, packaging themselves in a slick plastic box with flashy words, and fooling very insecure, confused, and angry people.  And sometimes, like in the case of Jerry Varnell, a very psychologically challenged person.

What this comes down to is that the FBI, in a post-9/11 world in America is “faking” its apprehension of domestic and foreign terror suspects by fabricating their entire premise from start to finish.  By supplying the suspects with the fake explosives and the vehicles and tools and anything else they may ask for or require in order to pull off the “caper,” the FBI gets to parade that suspect through the walk of shame and pump their fists in a triumph that was all pre-written by the FBI itself.

If this is what the FBI has come to in order to guard its precious data-collection abilities, the president and his advisers need to pull in the reins and stop that runaway coach wagon before it’s too late.

They’ve already shown what they can do to a president…

Source: NewsOK



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