Fake News Industrial Complex: FBI Officials Could Testify Against Trump

Fake News Industrial Complex: FBI Officials Could Testify Against Trump

Have you heard about the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that was supposed to be into questions of whether or not President Trump obstructed justice when it came to the firing of James Comey?

Well, of course you have.  It’s practically the lead story of every Leftist newspaper and broadcast known to exist on the planet.  But did you also know that Mueller has expanded the investigation to include whether or not Trump colluded with Russia in his bid to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency?

The way it works (or I should say, supposed to work) is that a special counsel is named to investigate a specific charge.  In this case, there were Jackass Party members upfront (and RINOs below board) who were insinuating that the Comey firing was done to hide the fact that Trump did not want the FBI to complete its investigation into collusion with Russia.  The huge problem with that assessment and charge, of course, was that Trump wasn’t under investigation for collusion at any time.  Specifically, he had been told on three separate occasions in a phone call with Comey that he was not under any investigation into collusion.

Despite that, a special counsel was appointed in order to look into whether or not Trump fired Comey to “obstruct justice” in a case that didn’t exist!  Can you see where this is going?

Well, because this is a big “nothing burger,” Mueller needed more meat.  He, therefore, expanded the scope of the investigation into whether Trump colluded with Russia.  Interestingly, this was something that was not being investigated by the FBI because, to be honest, they knew there was nothing there.  Instead, to appease his masters in charge, Mueller altered the course of the investigation, against protocol and rules of special counsels, and now is focusing on that aspect.  You see, if he can prove collusion, he can then prove the initial charge of obstruction.  P.S. He’s also looking at Trump finances to get a peek at his tax returns which Jackasses so very much want to be released.

Turn to the following page of the article to read about how Mueller is preparing at least 10 top officials to testify in this expanded investigation into obstruction and collusion and also how a very biased Leftist journalist with a very long history of being a fake news hound has produced yet another piece of garbage!

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