FAA Urges Planes to Steer Clear of Secret Weapons Tests in California

The warning about GPS outages has led many to conclude that the Navy is preparing to test a new kind of electronic weapon, something that authorities have neither confirmed nor denied. Such technology has been around for some time, but the reported range of the tests suggests that this is a far more powerful version of it:

“The FAA is also warning pilots flying Embraer Phenom 300, a popular private jet, that testing could interfere with the craft’s ‘flight stability controls' in addition to GPS systems.

The UK issued its own signal-jamming advisory, warning that their tests will affect the Scottish Hebrides intermittently during the month of July.

GPS jamming technology has existed for years, and can even be obtained by consumers for relatively little cost. The sheer size of the area affected by whatever the Navy is testing, however, is perhaps without public precedent.”

Source: RT

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