Extensive Turkish Spy Network Exposed in Germany, Raids on Mosques and Imams Commence

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has tightened his control over Turkey in a dictatorial manner as he moves to crack down on suspected opponents.

Last July, a supposed coup to overthrow Erdogan failed, leading him to blame it on a political opponent in exile in the United States – Fetullah Gulen. Since then, Erdogan has imprisoned Gulen supporters, known as Gulenists.

In addition he has ordered MIT to track down Gulenists in other countries like Germany that have significant Turkish populations.

Through a network of 6,000 informants in Germany, they have spied on the German-Turkish community and reported back to the MIT on activities seen as contrary to the increasingly dictatorial rule of Turkish President Recep Erdogan.”

DITIB represents about 70% of Germany’s Muslim community, and initially denied that spies are operating out of its mosques. Reports that the MIT was beginning to harass perceived opponents in other countries made the German government take a harder look at the mosques.

German authorities conducted raids on the homes of DITIB imams to uncover the spy network. In retaliation, all German government funding to DITIB has been cut off.

The German government now is investigating one of DITIB’s top officials for calling on Turkish diplomatic missions to increase spying on Gulenists. Also under review are claims that DITIB mosques are preaching extremism and hindering integration of Muslims into Germany society.

Just last December DITIB published anti-Christmas propaganda and promoted hatred of Christians. A steady campaign of anti-Semitism has been a hallmark of the Diyanet mosques as well.

One media investigation by a TV magazine program found that DITIB imams were encouraging anti-Semitism, preaching ‘the cannibal Jew brings death to Palestine’ and ‘to describe the barbarism of the Jews, you will not be able to find the right words.’ ”

The DITIB imams have even posted items on social media sites, including one addressed to Erdogan saying, “Sir, give us the order and we’ll destroy Germany.”

Erdogan has made a number of threatening statements to European countries for not yielding to his demands for more visas for Turkish citizens to relocate in Europe. He’s warned that he will unleash a greater flow of refugees if his demands aren’t met, perhaps as many as 15,000 per month.


Source: PJ Media




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