Executive Power Grab

Executive Power Grab

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) grilled a panel of legal experts on the limits to the President's power. Now that Obama has demonstrated that he will exercise his authority, his ‘royal prerogative' in some situations, what is to stop him from using it in others, such as election laws?

[A]Simple question from Gowdy to the legal panel: How far can Obama go? Now that he’s claimed the royal prerogative to not enforce immigration law against young illegals, not enforce O-Care’s employer mandate against businesses, and not enforce the new rules about “essential benefits” against insurers who un-cancel old plans, what else can he choose not to enforce? If Congress imposes a mandatory minimum sentence for certain offenses, presumably Obama could refuse to enforce that by granting blanket commutations for thousands of people convicted of those offenses. Presumably he could also refuse to enforce election laws. Why not? What’s the limiting principle?

Source: HotAir
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