Exclusive: High Ranking LA County Sheriff Reveals United Nations Plan For Global Police Force

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is the 2nd largest police force, only the New York PD outnumbers it.  We asked this high-ranking LA County Sheriff official a series of questions.  From the interview:

Have you heard of the Strong Cities Network, and if yes, what is your understanding of it?

Yes, I have.  First let me say that I want to caution people to not over react.  Some of this stuff is scary, as in terms of American sovereignty.  And many good people in Law Enforcement are totally not aware of what is going on yet.  That being said, what I know of it, it is being packaged as a “tool” for our Departments to help us with “violent extremism” and it is not OK to label it having to do with Islam or Muslims at all-around here if you want to keep your job, you can not use those terms.  

But if you read the official paperwork that has come across my desk, if you read between the lines-it seems as if this is a way for the UN to insinuate itself into “partnering” with foreign police forces, connected by the UN, to form some type of global policing.  Its all in the name of sharing information, you know it is all “we want to help”–we, we want to give you the opportunity to be in on the cutting edge of what Law Enforcement in the future is going to evolve into.  But to me, its inserting foreign bodies into our individual departments, which to me, well-who is going to be the boss?  They are.  It's something I thought I'd never see…..

The interview is continued on the final page:




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