Excellent Thoughts on Refugee Crisis: “Would You Assimilate if in Saudi Arabia?”

“Would you assimilate if you were a refugee in say, Saudi Arabia or some other country that has Sharia Law?  Women, would you cover yourself from head to toe and not leave the house without a male relative?

Gays, are you going to be just resigned to the fact that you might be thrown from a roof top because of your sexual orientation?  Or would you seek out like-minded individuals?”

“What makes you think that if you take people from a country where ISIS has it's largest training base, a country that has a propensity for honor killings, a country that has a propensity for violent homophobia, and dump them into the most western culture in the world, that they will just magically assimilate?   They will seek out  like minded individuals, and that should scare the hell out of everybody.”


This woman calls the liberal bluff. There is no feminism is Islam.

There is not equality of sexes or sexual orientation in Islam.

And those who come to America from this area of the world that has lived in the dark ages perpetuated by the Muslim religion, under Sharia law, will continue to live in the dark and drag those whom they live around into their darkness, at any cost.

Convert or die is part of their religion. They will not assimilate.



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