Ex-FEMA Chief: Obama ‘Botched’ Louisiana Flood Response

The President receives very bad marks from former FEMA director Micheal Brown, who told Fox News' “Special Report” that Obama should have by now reached out to show support to the people of Louisiana.  He scolded Obama for “not walking “off the golf course” during his two-week vacation in Martha's Vineyard.”

“The president needs to make sure that the entire Cabinet, that all of the departments and agencies of the federal government, know that if the FEMA director asks for anything, by damn, give it to him because that person is there on behalf of the president,” Brown added.

“He could have gone to Lilly Armstrong Airport in New Orleans and made a statement there, or at the very least, what he should have done in my opinion, is he should have walked off the golf course, gone to some office somewhere on Martha's Vineyard and talked to the people of Louisiana and assure them that he was sending [FEMA chief] Craig Fugate, [Homeland Security] Secretary [Jeh] Johnson,” Brown said.

“So on the one hand, yes, the president kind of botched it by not at least making a public appearance, but instead only photo ops on the golf course and also now is the time because you're now in a recovery phase, and it's much easier,” Brown added.

The President is a lame duck and living out his last days on the golf course it appears, instead of serving the people of America, by whom he was hired.  He has not visited California either, to console the victims of the San Bernardino wildfires.

Source: Washington Examiner

Photo: YouTube




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