Europol: Leftists FAR More Likely to Carry Out Terrorist Attack Than Right Wingers

Europol: Leftists FAR More Likely to Carry Out Terrorist Attack Than Right Wingers

A new report by Europol revealed who is more likely to commit terror attacks, the alt-right or leftists.

This is important to discuss as not too long ago a former NYPD Police Officer and extremist expert attended a KKK rally only to end up having to protect the crowds from violent Antifa members. And there is plenty more details about that on the next page. But, first, we need to discuss the rise of all these ridiculous myths surrounding right-wingers.

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 campaign one of the many narratives was that fake news had cost her the election. And fake news did cost her the election. Just not in the way she thought. Liberal news outlets are the number one creators and supporters of fake news. This lack of credibility endorsed by and protecting Hillary was obvious to over half the country. That influenced the election way more than the Russian narrative created after this theory was blown apart after researchers started studying fake news.

All that talk about uneducated blue collar Trump supporters spreading fake news was a huge pile of crap. Even the BBC, a globalist news organization was forced to publicly acknowledge the studies they did on fake news backfired. Liberals are actually twice as likely to believe fake news And what’s even more hysterical is that the more educated a liberal is, the more likely they’re to believe fake news! So it comes as little surprise to most that the narratives about the right being more violent than the left are also a huge pile of crap. But the figures blow most people’s estimates as to the disparity between these two groups out of the water. How many times more likely would you guess leftists are to commit a terror attack than right-wingers? Because these stats are insane! All on the next page.

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