The Establishment Claims That The Primary Will be Too Expensive for Trump

Donald Trump is often accused of many things, but not having enough money is hardly one of them. Regardless, that is exactly what the establishment is now saying.

Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal took a look at Donald Trump’s finances over the weekend, and suggested the outspoken billionaire might not be able to afford to keep a serious national campaign going past the first few states:

“None of his offenses against propriety seem to have dinged the support that, in a crowded race, keeps Donald Trump atop the GOP primary polls.

Republicans are now talking about a brokered convention, which could be a disaster for the country, and for the GOP, and quite possibly hand the election to Hillary Clinton without a real contest or even critique of her agenda.

So goes the fear. But unless we miss our guess, our long national nightmare-cum-sketch comedy show actually has a termination date. It will end the moment campaigning begins to threaten Mr. Trump’s finances and business interests.”

Actually, as Jenkins notes further in his piece, Trump’s campaign already has already damaged his business interests:

“In any case, his comments have become an opening. Already Mr. Trump’s Middle Eastern business interests are under assault. He lost a few U.S. deals early on due to his slurs on Mexican-Americans. Now a handful of Silicon Valley biggies—the CEOs of Apple, Facebook and Google—have ventured criticism without mustering quite the courage to mention him by name.

What happens when important business partners start letting Mr. Trump know, publicly and noisily, they think he’s doing serious damage to the country? By Mr. Trump’s own inflated reckoning, most of his net worth resides in the value of his name.”

His controversial comments may have put a slight dent in his business holdings, but its hard to imagine that that would continue should he not become president. If anything, Donald Trump has reasserted himself as a national figure, and a ratings magnet as well.

Source: Brietbart



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