Essay Attributed to William J. Bennett: “They Will Kill [Trump]”

Essay Attributed to William J. Bennett: “They Will Kill [Trump]”

A post attributed to William J. Bennett declares that Donald Trump indeed has a shot at winning the election, but will never become president.

Instead, he argues that someone — on either side of the isle — will kill him before he's able to take his oath.

The post goes on to explain that the old way of controlling who becomes president — by controlling the flow of money into the campaign coffers of presidential candidates — simply won't work with Trump. His inexpensive, self-funded campaign doesn't need the outside help or donations most politicians require to ascend to the ranks of potential presidential candidates.

By throwing out the rules, he's thrown out the way the good old boys control the presidency, and the country.

This, of course, is a problem the establishment would do anything do circumvent, he continues, “Don't be surprised if Donald Trump has an accident…”

See the post on the next page to see exactly who — and how — this could happen if Trump gets closer to the White House:

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