Eric Trump Threatened With White Powder Mailed To His Home

What measures should a presidential candidate take, when his or her family come under threat?  Donald Trump has come face to face with a viable threat to his family, as his son’s address became known to a Trump hater and a package with a potentially deadly white powder was delivered to him.

The 32-year-old was mailed the package Thursday evening at his New York City apartment inside a building his father owns on upscale Central Park South. A spokesman for the New York Police Department confirmed investigators were sent to Trump’s home. The spokesman said the white powder was field tested and it turned up negative for hazardous substances.

ABC News reported the letter carried a Boston postmark and contained a note: “If your father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won’t be a fake.” It was signed “X.”

The New York Police have determined that the powder was not dangerous, but certainly the note included with the package is hazardous.  There is nothing certain as to who sent the package, but it was postmarked from Boston.

The mysterious note comes after the hacker group Anonymous declared “total war” against Trump. The group said it had published Trump’s cellphone number and home address and other pieces of personal information, though UPI was not able to verify whether the number was, in fact, Trump’s.

What would you do, as a candidate, if your family was in potentially grave danger?

Source: Breitbart




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