Eric Holder to DOJ/FBI: Prepare for War

Eric Holder, the former Attorney General under Barack Obama, recently tweeted out an ominous warning to “career DOJ/FBI employees.” The warning has many questioning whether a large-scale investigation of both agencies is about to begin. And if something big is imminent, what did they do?

The knee-jerk suspicion might be that the left will soon launch a new attack against Donald Trump's government. But that seems unlikely, considering most of the aforementioned agencies' employees are Democrats. Attacking them wouldn't benefit the Left. If anything, it would be smart for the Democrats to keep them in their jobs.

So that leaves another, much more likely option. This might not be a witch hunt after all. It could be a sign that career DOJ and FBI employees –a.k.a. ones who served under Obama — may soon be investigated for illegal work done in service to the former commander-in-chief.

See Holder's tweet on the next page and decide for yourself:

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