Equipay App Allows Restaurant Patrons to ‘Cheque Their Privilege’

The app was developed by a San Fransisco comedian named Luna Malbroux, and it won first place at San Fransisco’s Comedy Hack Day, where comedians, developers and designers get together to share new technology. While many see the app as a joke, according to Malbroux, it isn’t. She hopes that it’ll start a more serious discussion about how we can use technology to address inequality and wage inequality. Did I mention that the app provides a tax for “high privilege” individuals?

When dining out with people of “high privilege” the app applies an Equipayitback surcharge, which subsidizes meals for others and funds Equipay’s charitable arm. Basically, it’s a “white privilege” tax.

Last but not least, the app allows users to let their followers know whenever they’ve used the app to smash the patriarchy at the dinner table. In a live presentation of the app, Melbroux described how a user, “Graham” shares his Equipay-powered purchase on social media “to show that he is a social justice ally.”

Of course, having informed the world of his use of Equipay, it remains to be seen if “Graham” will ever be invited out for a meal again.

It’s hard to decipher whether this app is a joke or if it’s a “comedian’s” half-serious attempt at getting their name into the race debate. If it’s good for one thing, it’ll help people sort out which of their friends are idiots. Then again, if you honestly believe in this app, would you realize that failure to pay your own bill is just another contribution to structural sexism and racism? Probably not. But here’s to hoping that a glimmer of intelligence is still out there.

Source: breitbart.com




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