EPIX Pulls Katie Couric’s Anti-Gun Documentary Offline

EPIX Pulls Katie Couric’s Anti-Gun Documentary Offline

Things just got even worse for Under The Gun, the vehemently anti-Second Amendment documentary from reporter Katie Couric.

Drawing criticism from all quarters, the film has become more known for it’s producers’ deceptive practices than anything it actually has to say about the topic at hand. Although they claim the movie presents an objective look at the arguments for and against guns, Couric and her partners treat their position – that even more restrictions on guns are necessary – as unassailable and refuse to recognize even the mildest defenses of gun rights as legitimate.

Against this controversial background, it is little wonder that the backlash to the documentary has been so pronounced. Indeed, it has reached such a point that one of the online distributors of the film, EPIX, suddenly pulled it from it’s website, leaving curious viewers who clicked on the link to the film looking at nothing more than a message that read “This movie is not currently playing on EPIX.”

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