EPA: Your Money, Well-Spent

Hunger seems to be the number one issue in the Sahel Region of Africa, but the EPA is spending $1.5 million to bring a better stove to the people.  The irony is that these people do not need a better stove, but a better way in which to get food and water, yet the EPA thinks this region needs a study on carbon emissions.

The project, conducted by the University of Colorado, is attempting to change how people living in the Sahel of Africa cook and light their homes to be more energy efficient.

The EPA grant argues the project is necessary because the population in this region, which lies between the Sahara Desert and the vast Sudanian Savanna, is “projected to continue to grow at alarming rates,” meaning more carbon emissions from when Africans cook.

Again, one must point out, that unless the people of the Sahel have food, there will be no people cooking on these efficient stoves.  The concern for clean air is nonsensical when the people may starve to death due to the “chronic food insecurity, poor harvests and pasture deficits” the region faces.

The EPA told the Washington Free Beacon the project is an important use of tax dollars because “environmental and health impacts dealing with our planet’s air, climate, and energy expand beyond the borders of any one country.”

One can read more about how the EPA is burning American tax dollars here.

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