EPA Violates Supreme Court Stay in order to forward Climate Change Agenda

EPA Violates Supreme Court Stay in order to forward Climate Change Agenda

There has never been an administration so brazen in flouting the law when seeking to move its liberal agenda forward. Laws, including Constitutional laws and supreme court rulings, are seen by Obama and his various federal agencies as small impediments to be explained away or even ignored. And the fact that Republicans do nothing to counter this rogue government is reason enough for millions of Americans to support Donald Trump, since he is at least not part of the government elites that are bound by no law, and subject to no control.

A couple of examples will suffice. The IRS, which should be as non-partisan an agency as exists in the federal government, chose to steal the 2012 presidential election by making sure that pro-Republican  501c3 charitable organizations were not approved and therefore starved for cash. Cash is the mothers milk of politics, and the Republicans lost any chance for these organizations to help them during the 2012 election cycle. The head of the agency hid subpoenaed documents and information. Not a single person has been punished.

The State Department hid information and documents required by the Congress regarding Benghazi and Hillary Clinton's private server, and continues to provide cover for her. The evidence is clear that she violated very strict rules about top secret documents, rules that would ordinarily mean extensive prison time for anyone revealing even one of the documents. The investigation is still ongoing, but it is very unlikely anyone will ever be punished for the multiple violations.

The Justice Department launched a program that provided thousands of weapons to Mexican drug dealers in an operation called Fast and Furious. Many people died as a result of the program, including a border patrol agent. The operation was clearly illegal, and extremely embarrassing to the government. The department, under Eric Holder, hid information, undertook extensive legal maneuvers to prevent congress from obtaining information about the program, and at the end of the day, evaded any type of punishment or even a reprimand.

It is clear that this administration does not think the rules apply to them, and that they can ignore whatever laws they choose to. One agency has decided to ignore a Supreme Court ruling, and the outcome could cost the American people billions of dollars, as well as destroying tens of thousands of jobs. And the agency could once again get away with it without suffering any penalty whatever.

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