EPA Turns Off Radiation Sensors

Radiation poisoning, something that causes cancer and death, should be a top priority of the EPA to keep American’s safe, (hence the name Protection Agency).  However, it appears that the EPA has other things of import, low hanging fruit if you will, and have neglected fixing the “100 of the 135 sensors used throughout the country” that detect radiation in all 50 states.

The agency said that 99 of 135 beta-radiation sensors in its RadNet system are not able to check for levels in real time and have been turned off, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Supposedly, electromagnetic interference from cell towers have caused the problem, since 2006, yet nothing has fixed the important detection system.  One would think that life and death trumps everything else and getting these sensors working would be the right allocation of resources and effort.

“If real-time beta measurements were unnecessary, why did the government spend money installing the capability in the first place?” Daniel Hirsch, who lectures on nuclear policy at the University of California, Santa Cruz, asked the Journal.

He told the Journal that the EPA’s explanation “seems like an after-the-fact rationalization when they discovered the monitors didn’t work.”

There has been ample amount of time to correct the issue.  The fact that in our very recent past we have witnessed Fukushima and its very real disastrous implications, yet those appointed to protect us have turned the sensors off instead of fixing them. It makes one really question the veracity of their explanation.  Cell Tower interference?

Is this a cover up of a larger more lethal event?

Source: Newsmax





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