EPA ‘in Tears’ After Trump Election

EPA ‘in Tears’ After Trump Election

It's almost been over two weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, and still the left can't stop crying. Those who aren't out physically assaulting Trump voters have taken a more emotional approach by sinking into a state of depression and taking time off of work. Like EPA employees, for example, were actually offered counseling and some are threatening to retire early.

Many government employees are in a state of panic, and they have every right to be there. But they knew this was coming. When you spend eight years lying to the public and reach the point where you even have yourself convinced, you should know that a reckoning is coming.

Under the Trump administration, EPA employees will most-likely see the most drastic changes. Trump has bowed to repeal some of the rules that have been put into place under the Obama Administration, including the Clean Power Rule, which is was created to cut the greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Trump has even gone so far as to suggest cutting the agency altogether. But fear not, they can't be that close to doom, if he's appointed somebody to be in charge of it. He's selected Myron Ebell, a top climate change skeptic to lead this new transition. Though, employees aren't exactly comforted by that notion.

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