The End is Near! Financial Destitution before Decade Ends.

According to Info Wars, Celente claims:

“I’m now predicting that we are going to see a global stock market crash before the end of the year.”  But wait, there’s more! Celente says that it won’t just be U.S. stocks either.  He believes that crashes are also coming to “the DAX, the FTSE, the CAC, Shanghai, and the Nikkei”.  It other words, it is going to be a truly global financial crisis and he says that there is “going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai and from the UK down to Brazil”.

Of course every time some politico sneezes anywhere in the world it has massive global implications that affect the stock markets.

Yes, Mr. Celente is far from alone.  Many others have also been warning that a new financial crisis is imminent. Actually, they do so every week. That is because when it comes to pass, they have hedged their bets. Read all about it here.

Yes, the sky is falling once again. Are we surprised?

Photo: Investopedia



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