Employee Explains Why He Was So Calm During Robbery

Employee Explains Why He Was So Calm During Robbery

A video of a Jimmy John’s employee getting robbed at gunpoint is puzzling some viewers. The Jimmy John’s employee appears completely calm as the robber points his gun directly at him and demands cash. Being robbed at gunpoint is usually a situation that generates a lot of panic and fear. But, this Jimmy John’s employee handled it like he was just dealing with another customer. He even remembered to carefully take off and throw away his plastic gloves before calmly opening the registrar.

How many people can look an armed robber dead in the eye without as much as flinching? With talk of gun violence on the rise and the growing public fear of firearms, it’s little wonder people are so amazed by this young Jimmy John’s employee ability to be the one in control of the situation. Even more intriguing is how he never once cowered or betrayed an attitude of submissiveness while a gun was being pointed right to his head.

Was it because he was aware of the failing of the robber?

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