Elizabeth Warren Refuses to take DNA Test Proving Indian Heritage


Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) isn’t just a women lauded by feminist across the globe for failing to follow Senate procedure and stop yelling at her colleagues. She also feels inside like a “Native American” and claims that as part of her ethnicity on official legal documentation without any proof.

In late April, the Boston Herald reported that in the 1990s, Harvard Law School – where Warren began  teaching in 1992 and was granted tenure in 1995 – touted the Democrat’s Native American background as part of an effort to boost its diversity hiring record

Warren said she listed herself as a minority because she wanted to connect with “people for whom native American is part of their heritage and part of their hearts.”

Heck, sure wish I’d known back in College while working 2 jobs that all it took to qualify as an ethnic minority was some feelings and a few unsubstantiated claims. I’m joking. I actually don’t care that I have to work. I love working. And furthermore, it’s appalling and RACIST that some blonde pandering narcissist (not you this time Hillary) would try to exploit an ethnic minority for personal benefit.

That is exactly what entrepreneur and inventor of Email V.A. Shiva Ayyadura has to say about this situation as well.

Ayyadura is the Republican nominee challenging Senator Warren for her Senate seat. In addition to being a successful businessman and inventor, he is also an overall great guy. Point in case is just last week. He sent Warren a thoughtful birthday gift.


Senator Warren refused to take the test of course because as we all know there is not as much as a drop of Native American blood running through her veins or family history. Yet, the mainstream media still tries to spin that old ridiculous narrative that it’s actually the Republican party that’s racist. Good grief. Maybe liberals really are stupid.


Source: Gateway Pundit, The Washington Post

Image: Edward Kimmel



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