Elementary School Teacher Bans 1st-Graders from Saying “Jesus” or God”, Says Nothing About Allah

Parents at McCordsville Elementary School are furious over a 1st-grade teacher sending students home with a letter demanding the kids stop mentioning “God”, “Jesus”, or praying on school property.

According to a release from the school, a debate about God took place in a first grade classroom earlier this week. In response to the debate, the teacher wrote a letter about expectations in the classroom and sent it to parents. The letter talked about school language and asked parents to have a “talk” with their children about the appropriate time and place to talk about religion.

FOX59 obtained the letter from a parent of one of the students in the class, which reads in part:

“With Mccordsville Elementary being a public school, we have many different religions and beliefs, and I do not want to upset a child or parent because of these words being used.”

Can you imagine the outrage if these kids were Muslim instead of Christian? There would be riots! But, considering it's the rights of peaceful Christian 1st-grade kids the left is all but silent. Which is ironic considering it was the inclusive love of Jesus that this nation was built upon and the reason people from every other country on earth comes here in droves to enjoy prosperity. Or at least that was the case until the globalist decided Christianity was too much of a threat to creating a new world order.

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Source: Fox 59 , News Max



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