Elderly Veteran Punched for Wearing Trump Hat

Standing in line at the meat counter at Sam's Club, Ricardo Garcia only wanted to get his groceries and leave.  Instead, he was physically assaulted by a Trump hater, hit on the top of his head, all because he was wearing a “Make America Great” hat.

“I turned my back to him, and suddenly I hear ‘boom!' A fist or something on the top of my head,” said Garcia.

He felt a pain in the side of his forehead from where he said the man had punched him.

“My hat went down on the ground, my glasses were sideways. I looked at him and saw him standing there looking at me like, ‘What do you want?'” said Garcia.

The environment which the left has fostered in their supporters, that of an economy of despair, a hate for anyone with whom one disagrees, and the acceptance of certain forms of violence, labeled as a peaceful protest, is the antithesis of American values.

The man who attacked Garcia, 36-year-old, Patrick Marcus Mickens, was found lurking down another aisle when police arrested him for battery against an elderly person.  “Mickens was released from jail on a $2,000 bond.”


“We should not be afraid to be in our country,” said Garcia, a proud Puerto Rican American who describes living in the United States as a privilege and an honor.

“I wear this hat because this is what we need, to make America great,” said Garcia.

Part of making America great again must be the raising of the bar for what is ethical and moral behavior.  With movements like Black Lives Matter, all is fair game in order to get their message out.

Hitting an elderly man is justified.  Throwing urine is acceptable. Blocking an ambulance outside a Trump rally, justified, in the name of free speech and assembly.

Outside a Chicago Trump rally, Black Live Matters protesters kept an ambulance from getting to the victim in need.  In the name of free assembly, this mob screamed in the faces of the police, “GO HOME PIGS!”, while keeping the ambulance pinned in, unable to perhaps save the life they were called to help.

The hate that drives this herd-mentality is astonishing.  The deficiency in self-control and self-policing demonstrates the very reason we need the police, yet blinded by their own malice they cannot see how their loathsome behavior divides, rather unites.

Making this country great again begins in the homes of every American, where standards of goodness, self-control, and love for mankind is instilled.  Hillary's village sentiment has destroyed the nation.  The lack of fathers in the homes has created a nation of reprobates.  Leaders like Obama, who blame the police for the bad behavior of Black Lives Matter protesters, are what is wrong with this country.

Garcia says he will keep supporting Trump even though he was “shaken up” by the attack.

He said despite being shaken up, like Donald Trump, he is not scared to say how he feels, whether it's wearing Trump logo on his body or plastering “Vote for Trump” bumper stickers on his truck.

“[Donald Trump] tells you like it is, how it is. He fries the hamburger in your hand,” said Garcia.


Source: Fox13News




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