Eight States Have Passed Laws Voiding Obama’s Gun-grabbing Measures

Eight States Have Passed Laws Voiding Obama’s Gun-grabbing Measures

Obama's gun grab continues to escalate after each violent crime, under the false pretense that criminals will obey federal gun laws.  Since the tragic shooting at the  Oregon college, Obama has tried, via executive orders, to infringe upon the intrinsic right to defend oneself, by creating gun restrictions at the federal level.

There are triumphs to be found at the state level as individual states have fought back against Obama's illegal actions.  There have been sixteen states that have considered Second Amendment Preservation Act bills in 2015, while other important laws having to do with the preservation of the Second Amendment were implemented in two states.

Conservative states like Idaho, Alaska and Kansas have been diligently protecting gun rights with the passage of “nullification” legislation which declares that the state does not need to comply with federal gun laws going forward.  In Idaho, the law will “criminalize the enforcement of federal gun laws”.

Many states are standing up against the unlawful actions of the Obama Administration, implementing pro- Second Amendment legislation in 2016.  Read about the many states that have joined the rebellion on the following page.

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