Effort to Award Black Students Reparations for a “Debt That Will Never be Paid”

Western Kentucky University voted to offer black students free tuition, paid for by white students in reparation for ancestral slavery. Not only do black students not have to pay tuition, they also don’t have to get good grades.

“The resolution, which passed by a vote of 19-10-0, recommends that the university acknowledge slavery as a “debt that will never be paid” and offer free tuition to black students, reports the WKU Herald.

In addition, the resolution asks that a special task force be created to look into test-optional admissions and admissions weighting based on geographical location, which in theory would make it easier for black students to apply and be accepted to WKU.”

But, many ethical questions abound regarding reparations to African Americans students. The politically incorrect truth of the matter is that African Americans are not that special in connection to how their ancestors lived when first coming to America.

Most textbooks don’t teach the truth in schools. Roughly ⅔ of all white people came to the colonies enslaved.

“White slaves outnumbered black slaves in America throughout the 1600s. Hundreds of thousands of white slaves were kidnapped and brought to America; their middle-passage death rates were comparable to those of black slaves; they were sold at auction and traded for livestock, they were routinely beaten—sometimes to death—and an estimated one-half of them died before gaining freedom. Historians from both ends of the political spectrum say that white slaves were treated worse than black slaves.”

Even at the peak of the African slave trade in America, no more than 6% of Southern whites as much as owned slaves. That is just 6% of whites living in the south. Only 1.4% of white Americans throughout the country ever owned slaves.

Studies have shown 28% of free blacks owned slaves in the year 1860. Free blacks were far more likely to mistreat, attack and enslave their own race than white people at the peak of southern slavery.

In light of this information, numerous politically incorrect questions arise that call into question the ethics and logic behind reparation.

Will Western Kentucky University be conducting genealogies to make sure black students receiving free tuition are descendants of slaves owned by white vs black slave owners?

If white students have to pay for the actions of 1.4% of the white U.S. population in the 1800s, do black students also have to pay for the actions of 28% of the free black population in the 1800s?

Would it not be institutionalized racism to believe black people are not capable of following the same ethical standards, practices and public policies as their white counterparts?

Is the government failing white students by not forcing European countries to pay reparation to descendants of white slaves? Should courses start being offered on understanding colonial white slavery ?

True reparation is equivalent to black students paying their own tuition bills. Free descendants of black slaves, free descendants of white slaves, living in the land of opportunity and paying their tuition bills as they pursue the American dream. That is equality. What a novel idea. It’s just too bad that’s not what the black community is truly fighting for…

Source: Campus Reform, Vice 




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