Eerily Realistic Software Allows One To Easily Simulate Another’s Face

Eerily Realistic Software Allows One To Easily Simulate Another’s Face

Each day there is technology surfacing that runs about as state-of-the-art, and each day there are people with standard equipment working to reach the same results as the others who used more complicated methods.

When it comes to Face2Face: real time and reenactment of RGB videos, this technology has been transformed to work using the most standard web cam.

What the system does is that it reconstructs and tracks a translator animating another person by using dense photo metric energy minimization.

This means that by taking, for example a YouTube video, the person in control (Source), and the actor who is the subject of manipulation (target) could ultimately lead to the alteration of a whole video without a trace in the viewers eye that such tampering ever happened.

Anyone with the means and desire can manipulate the words, movements and facial expressions of a target actor with perfect quality using a standard camera.

If this technology is so readily available it should be suspected that when knowing the extremity that many countries and their governments go through to manipulate media and the news, who really knows what we are watching.

Take a look at the videos on the next page, and ask yourself if coincidence just happens to befall journalist, or if there is someone else controlling their every word, creating fake news?

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