Eerie Clouds over CERN Create ‘portal to other dimensions’ Speculation

clouds cern

The eerie clouds and the lightning within were captured on June 24th by a man on the Swiss side of CERN. While CERN hasn't released any information about what it might be, there's plenty of speculation.

“This is crazy. Just shut the thing down,” a representative from Freedom Fighter Times said in a video online, warning we should be “conCERNed” about the site where atomic-level research into the meaning of life is being conducted.

The pending apocalypse supposedly can be backed by another image taken at the site showing a double rainbow, which they say signify “not gay pride, but a promise from God not to flood this planet because he is waiting for his people to repent and return from their sins,” a message the world should take seriously, according to the fake scientist.

Then again, it could all be a promotion for Ghostbusters 3D, which is released in Europe next week and the US on July 15. The film can use all the help it can get after sexist trolls criticized the new female cast based on a single trailer.

Next week, RT will bring you part two of our exclusive interview with the film’s producer Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two Ghostbusters.

While it would be cool if it were a portal to another dimension, it's highly unlikely. On the other hand, it could be an advertising stunt for the new Ghostbusters film, which is due in theaters this Summer. Until the stay puff marshmallow man shows up, we should all be fine.




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