Educators In Texas School District Will Be Packing Heat

Educators In Texas School District Will Be Packing Heat

Teachers packing heat in Keene Independent School District was voted on at a recent school board meeting.  The safety once found in small town America is no more and it is up to the citizen to be vigilant, especially when responsible for the safety and well being of kids.

Keene ISD superintendent, Ricky Stephens said,  “That old mentality of ‘it can’t happen here’ has started to leave a lot of small towns.”

So much has quickly changed in the world that policy must change as well.  Stephens commented,  “If you’d asked me nine years ago, 10 years ago, whether I ever would’ve been for it, I would’ve said ‘no’.”

Every mass shooting that has taken place in the recent past has occurred in a gun-free zone.  The children and teachers at schools are sitting ducks and Keene ISD recognizes a need to create policy to reflect the times and protect the students.

On the following page watch the video regarding the vote and approval of selected staff members to carry guns to protect the student body.

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