Dyson: Trump ‘Rises Every Morning’ ‘To Excrete the Feces of His Moral Depravity’

The Fake News Industrial Complex loves Islam and hates both Christianity and President Trump.

If you tune into MSNBC, the answer is President Trump and his attempts to reinstate Judaic-Christian principles in mainstream American society.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,”Georgetown Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson stated President Trump wakes up every morning “excrete the feces of his moral depravity” into a country that he’s “turned into his psychic commode.”

During a discussion on President Trump’s tweets and racism, Dyson commented on one of Trump’s tweets about Republican Virginia gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie by stating there is a subtext, but “the text ain’t so sub. The reality is is that it’s a pretext and a context for bigotry here. This is a president who rises every morning to excrete the moral — to excrete the feces of his moral depravity into a nation into —that he’s turned into his psychic commode. Here’s a guy who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong fundamentally, and who doesn’t care. So for him, race trumps everything. And in this case, sending these dog whistles out there, suggesting that the statues are part of our heritage, and it’s a false argument.

To liberals, Christianity is akin to apsychic commode”. That, unfortunately, is the reality for those who don’t understand the true all-encompassing and powerful nature of our Lord and Savior.

President Trump has done nothing to encourage people to think that he is a racist. Don’t forget too that they (civil rights activists) used to adore him for his pioneering work desegregating elite country clubs. So, now they are forced to drag out secret Muslim sympathies with no loyalty to their country in order to pick out imaginary subtexts to support their ridiculous smear campaign against the President, according to Pastor Jim Beckwourth.

Here is the video! It is a must watch!

Source: Breitbart,  Grabian



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