Drunk Migrant Threatens Danish Reporter on Live TV

A Danish reporter was yelled at and threatened by a drunk migrant during the filming of a news story.

Reporting on the situation at the ‘Asylcenteret Sandholm’, a former military barracks just outside Copenhagen and the largest migration centre in Denmark, Danish TV2 reporter Anders Lomholt was explaining how the rapidly accelerating number of migrants arriving in the country were putting the centre under strain.

But the 6 o’clock evening report had to be cut short after an angry migrant brandishing a coffee cup and foul language stepped into shot and started pushing the reporter.

Although the men are speaking over each other during the confrontation, the migrant can be heard saying in broken Danish: “What are you doing here, man? Shut the fuck up”.

While the reporter and his colleague back in the studio try to get the segment back on track, the migrant becomes more angry and pushes the reporter’s chest. At this point, it cuts back to the studio, continuing with the evening’s other news, and ignoring the very real story developing right in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Source: Breitbart

The swarming ungrateful “refugees” that have pushed their way into Europe have become so routinely antagonistic that it hardly registers as newsworthy anymore.

This is the new reality faced by Europeans on a near daily basis, and could be faced by Americans as Obama lets in more and more “refugees” into the states.

How long until American news reporters are stifled by belligerent drunk migrants?

At what point are we going to lose our free speech to ungrateful Muslim “refugees?” Most importantly, what are we going to do about it?



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