Dreamers Stage a ‘Die-In’ To Demand Texas Not Deport Criminal Illegals

Dreamers protested against Sheriff Adrian Garcia, President Barack Obama, Governor Greg Abbott,  claiming that Garcia had
“collaborated with ICE through the use of the ICE 287(g) program that allowed ICE officials to operate inside the county’s jail system.”

They marched through the streets chanting “Undocumented, Unafraid” and “Up, Up with liberation. Down, Down, with deportation.” At the end of the protest, they stood in front of deputies at a second jail facility and danced while shouting “I believe that we will win.”

They claim that more illegal immigrants are deported from Texas than any other state. They also claim Texas has the most border deaths and detention facilities.

The one thing that this group does not do and that is get the actual facts.  They build their case on emotive language and false facts that stir up the public.

The group falsely claimed that illegal immigrants are being detained and deported from Harris County having committed no other crime after entering the country illegally. A spokesperson for the group was not able to cite any example of this.

Like many open border advocate groups, United We Dream could not seem to differentiate between criminal illegal aliens and other people who have simply entered the country illegally without committing any post-entry crimes. They could not distinguish between a rapist, child molester, or other violent criminal, and person who entered without inspection but never committed any additional crime.

The youth in this group may be passionate but they are sorely mis-informed.

Source: Breitbart

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