Dr. Michael Savage: Only 1 Month To Save America

“Obama’s been engaged in a civil war from the day he seized the presidency,” Savage states. “He said he’s going to transform America. What was that? What was that declaration? It’s a declaration of war against the country’s traditional values and freedoms.”

Of course, Dr. Savage is referring to the last bastion of freedom, the true Republican party, which knows what a Republic should actually look like.

Obama is part of a larger, global plan to create one socialist government for the entire world.

While conspiracy theorists would jump and say ‘I told you so' the rest of us must really take a cold, hard look at what is happening here.

It is indeed true that bankers and corporations are in control of most governments, are now engaged in spying on just about everyone and are creating the grounds for a militarized local law enforcement for the sole purpose of control of the population.

And why not? If those that are excessively wealthy want to hold onto what they have and get more, why would then not want such a situation as the world working for peanuts while they reap all the benefits?

As WND reported, Savage told his listeners last week that Ebola has now come to the U.S. because of Obama’s open-borders policy, which also has allowed once-eradicated diseases to enter through Central American illegal-alien minors who are being placed in public schools nationwide.

Savage said the “worst part of the story” is that if Obama is allowed to continue, “this country doesn’t survive.”

He noted Vice President Joseph Biden’s statement at the John F. Kennedy Forum at Harvard last Thursday that the post-World War II order is “literally fraying at the seams.”

“What was he trying to say?” Savage asked. “Was he playing like he’s suddenly discovered what he’s done to the country? And now he’s triangulating his opposition to make believe he’s the savior?

“It’s not just a joke,” he told WND. “We’re at the end of the road here. I don’t want to live in a Venezuela under a dictatorship and look back 40 years and say, ‘Why didn’t someone stop him?’”

In January, Savage told his listeners of his work on the book, calling the things he was discovering “frightening” and concluding, “The more I get into it, the worse it looks for us.”

Last chance

Savage, the author of six New York Times bestsellers, said he had no financial or personal need to write another book. His aim, he said, is to warn the nation that the mid-term election one month from now is the only realistic opportunity to stop Obama.

“After 29 books, I don’t need another bestseller,” he told WND. “What I need is the last chance to change the course of human events. I am praying that the people awaken before the election in November.”
Though he described the Republican Party as “tepid,” Savage said “they’re the only chance we have.”

“If every Democrat Socialist Islamist is fired, and the Republicans take the Senate, we can lobby the Republican Party through town hall meetings,” he said. “We can shake them up and make them do what needs to be done.”

The Democrats, on the other hand, Savage said, “are absolutely immune to any lobbying whatsoever,” pointing to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a chief example.

“Are you telling me she is going to listen to the average American about saving the country?” he asked. “Of course not.”

Savage sees the 300-plus referenced pages of his book as a “blueprint for impeachment.”

“I did what the whole Republican Party should have been doing for the last year,” he said.

“You take this book and slap it down in Congress. ‘Here’s the grounds for impeachment. In this blueprint.’ That’s why I want everyone to read the thing,” he said.

Spiritual disease

Savage told WND he was invited to give a few words before the beginning of a Yom Kippur service at a synagogue.

He said he told the large Jewish audience the world “is coming apart at the seams” and people offer many explanations for what is happening.

Savage asked: “When America was ruled by practicing Christian presidents, wasn’t the world a safer place?”

He said silence came over the audience.

“They heard me,” he said. “I didn’t have to say that we have an atheist, communist, socialist, anarchist in the White House. All I said is that when we had a practicing Christian in the White House, the world was a safer place.

“I said there’s a spiritual disease that we’re suffering from, and America put this man in there, and the world is falling apart as a result.”

Source: wnd.com



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