Dr. Carson Calls out Mainstream Media on Black Conservatives

“They’re actually playing right into the narrative that I have predicted for them,” Carson told host Matt Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday. “Because they can’t stand the thought of a black person who is a conservative, who hasn’t had to make it on their handout and be at their beck and call and doing the things that they want them to do. It just infuriates them.”

Dr. Carson’s comment came in response to Boyle’s request that he weigh in on the hypocrisy inherent from the Daily Show. There, host Trevor Noah unleashed savage criticism of Carson for his saying he would defend himself by fighting back against the gunman in the deadly Oregon shooting. Noah then reversed himself to admit on a different show that Dr. Carson was right.

Source: Breitbart

Dr. Carson related that Noah, along with the rest of the mainstream media, lack the “integrity” to admit they are wrong. That suggests that there’s very little of any value in the mainstream media.

Pointing to an opportunity for Republicans to make inroads back into the black community, Dr. Carson sees this possibility all the time. “I just find it very, very gratifying to see that there are so many people in the black community who are waking up and starting to think for themselves and recognizing that 50 or 60 years of progressive ideology has not led them to an improved situation.”

He explained that it has only “led to more poverty, more food stamps, more broken homes and out of wedlock births and incarceration and crime and murders. There’s nothing, essentially that’s any better.”

Dr. Carson noted government educational programs do little to lift youth out of situations. “Deteriorating school systems” have created a road block, leaving youth stuck.

“A government that was really working on their behalf would be trying to work on giving them a choice rather than condemning them to failing school systems,” Dr. Carson said. He mentioned failing school systems “discourage people” resulting in high dropout rates in the inner city.




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