Dr. Ben Carson’s Dire Warning for America

Dr. Ben Carson’s Dire Warning for America

The people of America demand to know the truth whether the government wants to reveal it or not!

Trump's approach to transparency seems to be favoring him with rising public support.

Perhaps, if former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson tried this approach earlier he wouldn't have had to drop out of the race. Recently he commented with wise words over the Brussels attacks that left 30 people dead and more than a 100 wounded. Later that same day Carson on Fox's Business Network told Maria Bartiromo that, we’re going to have to wake up very, very quickly here. We have to stop being politically correct and start protecting the American people.

This is amazing, because political correctness has been one of the principal tactics of manipulation to divide the people of America, and Carson has finally advised the public to stop it if they wish to save themselves.

That's not all Carson warned viewers about! Check out Carson's enlightening interview with Fox business following the Brussels attack on the Next Page:

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