The Double Face of Obama on Religion and Crime

Remember when Two Muslims were killed in North Carolina? Obama went on television and talked about racism and bigotry. He made a big deal of highlighting the Muslim faith and making the religion of the victims, not the victims themselves, the focus.

When 10 Christians are killed in Oregon because they were Christians, Obama roars onto television without knowing any of the facts and launches into a tirade about gun control, managing to mention himself 8 times in just three minutes.

The murders in both cases are despicable and wrong. Any murder to destroy a person for their religious beliefs is wrong. The president should recognize that the death of Christians by the murderer yesterday is just as wrong as those in North Carolina.

Yet, he turns one into a bias mode over poor Islamists, but politicizes the other to the hilt. Obama ignores the loss and plight of those in Oregon. Instead, he cries out about gun control when it’s politically expedient.

How odd that he continually fails to talk about gun control when, in his own hometown of Chicago, over the last two weekends, 15 people each week and were shot in Chicago, several of them dying. The slaughter is horrendous. But he can’t mention it because it has tough gun control laws and he cannot mention how badly it has failed.

And how badly he has failed. And people still look up to him.




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