Donald Trump Weighs Repealing or Amending Obamacare

Donald Trump Weighs Repealing or Amending Obamacare

Now that Donald Trump and the GOP are slated to take back the White House and Congress, it looks like we’ll finally have a chance to roll back the excesses of the Obama administration.

And “excesses” is no exaggeration: despite complaining for the entirety of his tenure in office that the big mean Republicans prevented him from getting anything he wanted done, President Obama managed to ram through a litany of left-wing laws. Much of this was accomplished through the use of unconstitutional executive orders, but Obama was able to achieve at least one of his greatest travesties through the legislative process.

Overcoming widespread opposition, congressional Democrats delivered the Affordable Care Act – now infamously known as Obamacare – through both houses and to Obama’s desk, basically opening the way to a government takeover of the healthcare industry. With a Republican electoral victory however, it seems that Obamacare’s might be coming to an unceremonious end.

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