Donald Trump And Mike Pence’s Names Left Off Minnesota GOP Ballots

Minnesota Republican leaders maintain that the absence of the party's chosen presidential ticket from its ballots was an accident resulting from the earlier chaos and that both Trump and Pence will appear on the final ballots, but the fact that party leaders could forget to submit their candidates' names to appear on voter ballots should strike one as highly suspicious:

“As of late Wednesday, August 24, and even early Thursday, August 25, it appears that the Minnesota GOP had not filed any of the proper paperwork to place Trump/Pence on the list of eligible candidates for president. In fact, according to Michael Brodkorb, a public relations executive, not only did the Minnesota state party not have the paperwork filed, but at their convention, they did not follow protocol by even electing alternate presidential electors. Beyond this Brodkorb, is saying said that the it party is risking missing the deadline.

The Minnesota Republican party has responded by saying that they have ‘appointed' alternate electors, however Brodkorb contends that under Minnesota’s constitution, these appointments do not hold water.

As it stands right now, it looks as if the Minnesota GOP, in a whirlwind to fix their incompetence, has broken its own constitution to submit paperwork to the Secretary of State, who has told ABC news that Trump and Pence will appear on the ballot. However, Brodkorb doesnt seem satisfied with this answer, even adding that though he is shown on the filing page, he is not on the sample ballots.”

Source: The Libertarian Republic


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