Donald Trump: An All-American Tale

Donald John Trump is the 45th President of the United States, born and raised in New York City, and an outspoken man from an early age when it came to “telling it like it is.”  For the amount of information that has surfaced over the many years about the billionaire and his real estate empire, it’s quite striking how little of that news has leaked out in the Fake News Industrial Complex (FNIC).

When Barack Hussein Obama became the candidate running against Hillary Clinton, every media outlet that was formerly rooting for the future three-time loser suddenly discovered an unusual and sickening pleasure center inside their brains that registered an unnatural lust for the 140-day-old senator from Chicago.  Quicker than you could say, “wealth redistribution,” the Left dumped Hill the Pill and climbed aboard the Obama electric-car express!

It was at this point that the media’s undeniable adoration for the man forced them into a very tight corner.  Yes, they loved him, but they couldn’t very well tell the truth about him!  He’d lose if they did.  And so, we observed the largest media blackout the country had ever witnessed.

For Trump, however, the media blackout that he is experiencing is a very different animal.  Every piece of positive news is buried, while every bit of negative (fake or not) is put front and center in the headlines, bold-face and underlined for the world to see.

Turn the page for some facts about Donald’s father who began working as a carpenter at the ripe old age of 15!

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