DOJ Reveals Ties Between Trump and Russia Were ‘Stooged’

DOJ Reveals Ties Between Trump and Russia Were ‘Stooged’

The Russians are at it again! They just can’t seem to stop trying to take over the world, one American presidency at a time. After all, Die Hard is basically Vladimir Putin’s biography, right? This obsession is kind of like those old stories about teenagers going into abandoned houses and wanting so badly to see a ghost that they actually conjure one up in their minds. The left can’t seem to let go of the idea that Russia is the villainous country that Hollywood makes them out to be.

With new reports about the Department of Justice finding malware on servers for Trump Tower which allegedly mimic Russian ties,┬áit would seem that some skeletons are coming out of the liberal closet. The liberal media didn’t exactly report this incident the way it needed to be reported, seeing how they’ve now found a trail that doesn’t lead to the Russians.

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