Does Massive Rothschild Asset Shift Signal an Economic Collapse?

Does Massive Rothschild Asset Shift Signal an Economic Collapse?

The average citizen who puts money in a 401k or IRA has no real appreciation of the money manipulation that goes on behind the scenes.

With large global banks and investment trusts shifting billions and billions of dollars daily, the everyday investor is seriously disadvantaged. Even with the help of a financial advisor, it’s hard to keep up with the money reallocations taking place globally.

By watching financial news shows, people can get bits and pieces of what’s really happening in world markets. One day, it’s talk of a bull market, the next it’s global economic collapse.

With the truth so hard to discern, average investors wonder what makes the most sense: stock equities, bonds, currencies, gold, silver. Stashing cash in grandma’s old hat box starts to look more appealing until you hear money managers talk about doing away with cash entirely and managing everything electronically.

Find out what a leading global investment trust has done in the past six months and learn what it might mean for world markets. Details are on the next page.

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