DOE Warns Schools: Thou Shalt Not Discriminate Against Muslims

DOE Warns Schools: Thou Shalt Not Discriminate Against Muslims

The United States Education Department has taken it’s marching orders from a survey produced by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic “civil rights group” with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood,  who has ties to al-Qaeda and Hamas.

CAIR should not be dictating to the United States Education Department on how schools should treat Muslim students.  Their numbers regarding bullying are suspect as they are pushing their agenda and their use of inflammatory language like “Islamaphobia” is duplicitous.

If CAIR is concerned about civil rights, then beginning with the rights of those who die at the edge of a radical Islamic sword or the women and children being raped by ISIS and other Muslim groups may give their “survey” credibility with the American public.  Yet they don’t condemn those who act in barbaric behavior in the name of Allah, yet condemn those who have fear because of this very behavior they won’t condemn.

The DOE is out of line when they focus only on one group in the context of bullying and when they utilize statistics garnered from a suspect group.  Read the letter sent to the school districts on the following page.

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