Doctors Come Forward with Concerns about Hillary’s Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment after “Overheating” Incident

But Dr. Orient is not the only esteemed physician to raise concerns about Hillary’s health. Also expressing skepticism about the rosy picture painted by the Clinton campaign is Dr. Dan Kassicieh, who maintains that she is still reeling from a major brain injury:

“Dr. Dan Kassicieh, who previously spoke to Breitbart News about Clinton’s head injury, speculated that Clinton’s episode at the 9-11 memorial wasn’t normal and appears to be more than dehydration.

‘This is not normal, definitely more than ‘dehydration’ her spokespeople reported,’ Kassicieh explained, referencing the video that shows Clinton’s knees buckling and her grabbing ahold of aides for assistance. ‘Hillary has had several falls and stumbles. Over the past year and even back to 2012, being dehydrated has been an excuse used by the [Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign] to explain away, what I believe to be a more serious underlying health problem(s).’

Kassicieh, who is a registered Republican and has run his practice in Sarasota, Florida for more than 20 years, is a doctor of osteopathic medicine. ‘I see dehydrated people everyday. They do not have collapses as Hillary has done on more than one occasion,’ he noted.

‘If she did have pneumonia, or other contagious respiratory infection, she certainly should not have been out in public ‘shaking hands and kissing babies’ as this would result in those individuals would be at high risk for contracting whatever [Hillary Rodham Clinton] is infected with,’ he stressed. ‘Her serious, ongoing medical and neurological issues are a major concern for her inability to hold the office of President.’

Kassicieh says the fact that Clinton admitted to having dizzy episodes in the past, which was also confirmed by Bill Clinton, and has had a reoccurring cough, suggests she has an underlying health concern.

‘All of these recurrent problems Hillary has strongly suggest that more serious underlying medical problem(s) exist. This long history of having various, poorly described medical attacks bode poorly for her to [serve] as [President of the United States]. If she cannot handle the stress of a campaign, she certainly could not handle the daily high stress environment that the President is constantly exposed to,’ he analyzed.

Unlike Orient and Kassicieh, Dr. Erika Schwartz, who is based in New York City, didn’t speculate on any lingering health issues. She disagreed with Kassicieh on the dehydration issue, saying overheating and passing out are typical symptoms from someone who is dehydrated and suffering from exhaustion.

‘You can see it in people who are just exhausted and dehydrated,’ Schwartz explained about collapsing, noting that someone who hasn’t eaten or is suffering from a virus could faint. ‘It could happen to any of us.’

‘I don’t politicize things,’ Schwartz, who is an independent, stated during a phone interview with Breitbart News on Tuesday. ‘If it’s health care, it’s health care.’”

Source: Breitbart



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