Doctor Attributes Rise in Chronic Respiratory Infections to “Chemtrail Flu”

Doctor Attributes Rise in Chronic Respiratory Infections to “Chemtrail Flu”

Taking a look around town, class, or work one may notice a little more than a few people severely sick with flu like symptoms. According to Dr. Edward Group, this time around there is no need to set a costly doctor’s appointment or think it is necessary to get vaccinated if you happen to catch the spreading flu.

Instead, Dr. Group said to simply take a look outside and check for any chemtrails in the sky, specifically if you live in areas like California or Utah where massive amounts of chemtrail spraying have recently happened.

If one happens to see chemtrails streaking across the blue sky it would then be wise to take immune boosting supplements and medicines like the kind Dr. Group explains that, in the video on the next page, he takes himself which help him fight off any attacks directed towards the immune system.

Dr. Group told Infowars that after witnessing a mass amount of chemtrails lining the sky while visiting family in Utah, he also noticed that a bunch of the residents in the town had severe flu like symptoms they all jokingly called the Park City flu. He noted that this was just three weeks before spring break, and nearing the end of the flu season. His concerns over the mystery flu and the chemtrails above his families home led him to research any links between the two.

Find out what he discovered on page two and watch the video.

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